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Free Microsoft TemplatesIf you struggle with where to start when designing business documents, take a look at the free standard templates offered by Microsoft. You just need Microsoft Office and a good quality color printer to easily publish your own marketing materials for any event. For those on a tight budget, just add your text and ready-made templates will give you a final product. Also, you can test different marketing strategies by changing layout, color, graphics and message. Even if you use a professional printer, you can start with a template to prepare a draft or conceptual piece that can be finished by your graphic designer.

Most of the templates have impressive graphics and professional quality photos that give a polished look to your marketing materials.  You can edit or replace graphics to customize and add your logo for branding.

Microsoft Office offers bundled tools with its Office 2010 Suite of Applications. Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher providing improved and enhanced features for creating and publishing. Many of the features are cross-platform so you can learn a skill in one application and use it in another with the same results.

There are thousands of free templates from Microsoft to choose from–and if you need more choices, just look for “free desktop publishing templates” in your favorite search engine.

Below is a list of some of the templates that you can use with the different Office products.  This may give you some ideas, but you are not limited to a single application. For instance, you can design your business letterhead in Word, Excel or Publisher using the features of each product to customize for any use.

Word – brochures, business cards, invitations, letters, resumes, notes

Excel – invoices, budgets, forecasts, checklists, tables, schedules, calculators

PowerPoint – presentations, slide shows, postcards

Publisher – catalogs, newsletters, programs, agendas, event tickets, posters

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