The Internet of Things and Baby Monitors

IoT Baby MonitorsIt is reassuring to know that you can use a baby monitor to keep an eye on your child from anywhere.  Or is it?

The Internet of Things is created by devices that inventory, capture and record everything in our world and make that information available electronically anywhere – anytime.  Devices, like baby monitors, that provide information through an Internet connection have seen fast growth. The convenience they offer is attractive.  But what if the security they provide is lacking?

Recent accounts have shown many baby monitors have security holes.  There have been a couple of reports where the hacker got into the monitor and did some very inappropriate and disturbing things.  It is impossible to know why hackers do what they do or understand how someone could be so crude, but the important lesson is that you have to be vigilant and protect yourself.

There are so many technology innovations that keep us connected and provide information at a distance. They save us time, make us more efficient and keep us informed. We should absolutely embrace these modern advancements while making sure that we keep an eye on security.

To protect yourself when using technology, you have to ask fundamental questions.  Here are a few basic questions as a start:

  1. Is your network secured?  Many home networks are not – wired or wireless. This can be a challenge especially for your home network using only an ISP router.  Consider adding your own router/firewall made for home-use that will give you additional security.
  2. Can the device be protected using encryption, passwords, and other means? Some technology is open and there is just not an easy means to lock it down. Some cameras are wireless access points for convenience which is a security challenge.
  3. Does the device meet your security needs?  Often cheap is cheap.  Be sure to compare features, price and security.  At a minimum, check that the device has data encryption and a secure way to authenticate users.

Here is a link to the article:

HACKING IoT: A Case Study on Baby Monitor Exposures and Vulnerabilities

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