Upgrade Windows XP: Find out your Windows Personality

Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 8The time has come to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8, but how do you decide which is better for you and your organization.

With the end-of-support for XP on April 8, 2014, there will be no security updates or hotfixes leaving your XP machine extremely vulnerable to hacking. As with all change, it will mean a temporary reduction in productivity as you become accustomed to the new look and feel.  But you can minimize the stress and inconvenience by choosing the right operating system for your Windows personality.

The Windows 7 Personality:  You are smart and talented.  You use your computer as a productivity tool and like to get things done.  In your computing choices, you minimize risk and become anxious if too many changes happen at the same time.  You like the features in Office 2013 but also like your program icons to be familiar and your keystrokes to be efficient. You prefer to spend minutes rather than hours customizing your computer and you shy away from loading the latest gadgets on your workspace.  You play a game now and then, but you don’t have a gadget in your hands during all your waking hours.  Your phone is a mobile device mainly used for talking and texting (but never while driving)!  You keep up with the latest technology developments, but still don’t quite get Twitter or Google+.  You compute to live rather than live to compute.

The Windows 8 Personality:  You are a virtual, digital, mobile machine.  You can tackle and solve most any computer problem.  You never shy away from a computing challenge and use your computer in ways that few can even imagine.  You are an early adopter of social websites and you google your name often.  You embrace the computer experience and have a device for every occasion.  You write reviews for computing sites and have an app for organizing your life. The hours you spend on your devices seem like minutes and you are expert at the online experience. Others always come to you for help with their computer issues.

Windows 7 Start MenuFor the Windows 7 personality, upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 will give you the upgraded features and security with the least stress.  You will have the classic look and feel of Windows and this will minimize the learning curve.  If you have a newer computer, you may be able to load Windows 7 without upgrading your hardware.  Microsoft has a Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor tool that will scan your PC for potential issues and make recommendations before you upgrade.

For the Windows 8 personality, go for it.  Windows 8This is the most modern computer experience.  You are most likely going to buy a new super-powered PC, but you can always use the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant.  You’ll enjoy reading the compatibility report and will get an option to buy.

Whether you choose Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can get to know Windows and explore all the features at Get to know Windows 7 or Meet Windows 8.

Want to further discuss your options, email me at mary@lansystems.com.  Happy computing!

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Mary is the CEO of LAN Systems. She is an electrical engineer who feels her greatest strength is the ability to connect with people. LAN Systems provides IT managed services and solutions to growing companies and non-profit organizations. You can contact Mary at mary@lansystems.com.


  1. Richard Fay says:

    Mary – Happy New Year. Just went to the ALL – IN – ONE touch screen PC with Widows 8.1. Feel 8 and 8.1 does not provide the level/quality of enhancements that should come with such. The How to Close a document is very distracting and the ability to move around is confusing. So glad to see that 8.2 will bring the START button back!
    Quick question – our corporate IT department says that on my home computer I do not need protective software like Norton. They say that the Windows environment already has protective software in it. Is this true?

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