Top IT Trends for 2017

Top IT Trends for 2017For many years, we have been bringing you our Top IT Trends predicting the technology advances that will change our business and personal lives. Our Top IT Trends for 2017 have an emphasis on how human beings will interact with technology for efficiency and safety. Technology advances can only go so far in making us safer and more productive in our daily lives. Much of the progress comes in the way we interact with technology to make it better serve its human master.


Safe Computing 2017Cyber Security – Today, your cyber security depends more on you and your employees. Of course, you need the standard tools like anti-virus, malware protections, content-filtering, encryptions and a strong firewall, but these tools cannot protect you from threats designed to trick your users into opening the door for the attackers. Informing, training and supporting users is essential to a comprehensive cyber security plan. Over the next year, companies will work diligently to create a culture where users are aware of the latest threats and provide them with the tools to neutralize even the most sophisticated schemes. The strategy of defense-in-depth will become more focused on empowering the user to recognize, resist and report cyber threats. Much of the defense will center around educating employees of the common risks, latest threats and helping them to effectively communicate cyber dangers they have seen to other employees.

IoT Security 2017IoT Security – The Internet of Things has given us at-our-fingertips connectivity to so many devices. From cameras to baby monitors to sensors of every type, we can be at many places at once with real-time monitoring. Unfortunately, so many of the IoT devices were designed with convenience, not security, in mind. Over the next year, we will see more security measures built into new IoT devices and add-on security packages and updates will be made available for existing devices. Unfortunately, consumers have selected price over features so some IoT devices are not able to be secured. This year, we will see an increase in the frequency and severity of IoT device hacks.

Digital Twins – A digital twin is the digital representation of something physical. The concept is hardly new as it has been used for monitoring in science and engineering for years. This is the technology that keeps the electricity flowing and put a man on the moon. Today, with powerful, realistic graphics, digital twins will be the coupling of technology in near real-time monitoring with equipment that precisely maps in 3D, giving us a digital space that approaches the detail of a physical space. This concept will take the IoT to the next level as remote devices become digitally available on demand. 

Cloud Computing 2017Cloud Servers – This is the year for small businesses to move some or all of their servers into the Cloud. With the increase in reliability and security, small business will take advantage of Cloud productivity to save money without giving up any enterprise-class features. Most businesses already use the Cloud for email, so expanding Cloud use to applications, data storage and disaster recovery will be a natural next step. Services like Amazon, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure will continue to add features that make it even easier to move physical servers into the Cloud.



Disclaimer: Like horoscopes, our predictions for the Top IT Trends for 2017 are general in nature but they are intended to help you grow your business and profit from technology advances.


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