Top IT Trends for 2015

Top IT Trends 2015For many years, we have been bringing you our Top IT Trends predictions for the technology that will change our business and personal lives. This year our Top IT Trends have an emphasis on business economy and productivity. We have seen a dramatic increase in the investment businesses are making in their IT systems. Technology advances have been incredible over the past few years, but this year we are focusing on the technologies that will help fuel your business growth in 2015.

Business is back in 2015. The US economy is growing and IT is fueling the growth by bringing productivity, efficiency and modern ways of doing business. If you haven’t reviewed your IT system for upgrades and improvements – 2015 is your year to get into the Cloud!

Cloud Productivity – If you are not in the Cloud, what are you waiting for? It will save you money, make you more efficient, productive and well …. cool. Whether you use a PC, laptop, tablet or phone, you will be the most productive you have ever been. Choose Microsoft’s Office 365 for a variety of office productivity tools or try or Mozy Cloud backup. Look for Cloud solutions that have stood the test of time and are here to stay!Think about the Cloud

Mobility – Like Love and Marriage or a Horse and Carriage – Mobility and the Cloud – you can’t have one without the other. Isn’t it amazing how we have adapted to doing all things on-the-go! Look around and you will see people conducting business from every corner. Whether talking, emailing or texting, doing business anywhere, anytime has become commonplace. If you have the right tools, you can be as productive on-the-go as in the office.

Business Applications – The applications that you need for business are better than ever. Not only do you have more computing capability, you often can choose a Cloud version as primary or a backup version of you most important business software. Make sure to understand, how and where your data is stored and include in your 3-2-1 Backup Strategy. Today, you can get truly enterprise-class applications at a fraction of the cost of just a few years ago. IT EfficiencyThere is no reason that your business should wait for software that gives you a major competitive advantage.

Hardware Economy – Hardware is better, cheaper and faster than ever. If you have been waiting to upgrade that Microsoft Server 2003, PC, notebook or phone, 2015 is the year of the upgrade. And while you are looking at new hardware, look at Cloud computing options that integrate seamlessly with your hardware investment.

Software Economy – If you use an on-premise software package, 2015 is the year to see if you can get the same functionality in the Cloud version. Many software developers offer their full-featured packages at a reasonable monthly Cloud subscription. Be sure that you know how to get your data into and out of the Cloud package, just in case you want to move from one service to another. Look at Office 365, Adobe, Quickbooks and others to give you great deals in the Cloud.

Disclaimer: Like horoscopes, our predictions for the Top IT Trends of 2015 are general in nature but they are intended to help you grow your business and profit from technology advances.

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