Keep Your Computer Safe & Happy

Computer Support WizardBe a computer support wiz and keep your computer safe and happy with these simple steps

1. Give it a nice place to live.  Make sure that your computer is in a clean, dry and well-ventilated area. Every time your computer or electronic components overheat, it shortens their live.  Dust and poor ventilation are a major cause of overheating so be sure your computer is in the cleanest area possible and that you have lots of airspace around the unit. Keep moisture to a minimum by controlling humidity and spills. Move computers away from spill and leak hazards and use a plastic keyboard  cover if you are accident prone.

2. Add memory.  This is an easy and inexpensive way to extend the life of your computer.  Adding more RAM (random access memory) can boost performance by allowing the processor to take advantage of the fast access to RAM and not rely on using the hard drive for memory. This is the difference between using real memory (RAM) and virtual memory (hard drive). Find out how much memory in your computer instructions.

3. Remove malware. Even if you don’t have a noticeable infection, you should scan your computer regularly and remove threats. There are so many different threats that it is hard to be protected from them all.  Be sure to be vigilant and practice safe computing.  We like Symantec Endpoint Protection and Microsoft Security Essentials for realtime protection.

4. Get rid of the clutter. Use the disk cleanup feature in Windows or program of your choice.  You should remove junk files, temporary files, unused programs and other files that are just using up disk space.  Clean the start-up, so that you are only starting programs that you use.  This will reclaim hard drive space and improve performance.

How many years will you get from your computer?  That depends on many factors. Today, we estimate a computer to last from three to seven years depending upon what type of performance you need and how up-to-date you like your electronics.  No matter how long you keep your computer make your you take good care of it and always have a good backup!


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