Creating an Auto Reply in Outlook 2013

If you are going to be away from email, it is good policy to create an auto reply.  This will let your colleagues and clients know what to do while you are away.  It is simple to create and you can customize as needed. We have included a sample out-of-office reply that is short and sweet.  Important tip:  Don’t forget to turn off when you return!

1. Open Outlook

2. Click the file tab and then select Automatic Replies

Auto Replies 1


3. Check the send automatic replies box and word your reply in the given space below for contacts inside your organization.

Auto Replies 2


4. Next, click the only send during this time box and input the dates you wish to use.

Auto Replies 3
5. Select the Outside My Organization tab and create your reply to outside contacts. Here is

Sample Template for Out of Office Message

Thank you for your eMail!  I will be out of the office [Start Date] through [End date].  I will respond to all eMails as quickly as possible upon my return. Please contact [Secondary Contact at] or call the office directly at [Your Company Phone Number] if you need immediate assistance.

Thank you!

[Your Name]

6. When finished click OK.

7. When you want to turn off auto reply, repeat Step 1 and select do not send automatic replies.







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