Backup and Disaster Recovery

 Backup and Disaster Recovery … to protect your critical data.

It is an ongoing challenge to protect your critical data. Most businesses could not survive the complete loss of data Life Preserver Sharksand a partial loss could still leave you stranded. You need a reliable backup and disaster recovery plan that adjusts automatically as data increases.  And recovery has to work for a single file or an entire server.

There are dangers to your data everywhere – hardware, software, users, and the environment. With so many risks, even your best data recovery plan needs review. Ever had a user delete a single file? As you know it can take hours of your time to find and restore it.  Help is here!

Data back-up and disaster recovery - safe at seaLAN Systems has a plan to help you backup your critical data for disaster recovery and provide easy access to your files when you need them. Data LifeLine provides two levels of protection – disaster recovery and file restoration. You’ll never have to worry about data recovery again.

Disaster recovery designed to fit your needs. Our Data LifeLine solution is designed to fit your business needs at a price that won’t sink the ship.

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