CryptoLocker – Finally some good news


CyrptoLockerCryptoLocker has been causing havoc with computer users across the globe.  It infects your computer, encrypts your files and then demands money to unlock them. Paying the ransom is never recommended, but many paid because they had no way to restore their irreplaceable files.

Of course, the best defense is a good backup.  Have to say it again – you should have a good offline, offsite backup. (See the next article for an easy-to-implement backup strategy.) It is the best defense for all types of disasters. But if you didn’t have a backup you either paid the ransom or suffered without your files.

Today, there is hope.  The incredibly smart and dedicated folks at FireEye and FoxIT have a decryption tool. The tool runs at the DOS prompt, so you have to have some understanding of syntax to execute.  We downloaded the tool and successfully unencrypted an entire filesystem that was locked by CryptoLocker.  The process was amazingly easy and fast.

If you would like to try yourself, email for the full instructions.

Here is more information on the FireEye Blog and instructions at:

If you were hit by CryptoLocker and need help or if you just want more information, email or call.


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