Microsoft Azure for Nonprofits – $5000 in Yearly Credits

Azure for Nonprofits - This Changes Everything! Don’t miss out on the $5000 per year credit from Microsoft Cloud. If you have been waiting to make your IT system align to better support your mission, today is the day. For data backup, disaster recovery, mobile options or a server upgrade, Microsoft’s Cloud is your solution. And for many organizations, it will be free through the Microsoft donation program. Microsoft has announced its Azure for Nonprofits program that provides $5000 in annual Cloud credits to qualifying organizations. This generous donation will allow you to implement the most modern of Cloud solutions often with no additional subscription cost to your mission. Azure offers an integrated suite of cloud services – analytics, computing, web and mobile apps, networking, storage, and more – to empower your nonprofit organization to achieve more – more insight, more … [Read more...]

Cloud Solutions to Save Money and Add Efficiency

"A penny saved is a penny earned," but how do you know you have really saved a penny? Often saving money initially means more work or a higher total cost of ownership, offsetting any benefit. A common example of hardware that can cost more is that inexpensive printer. When you buy an inexpensive printer that has expensive toner/ink cartridges and a low yield, you can pay double or triple per sheet.  Also, purchasing a low-end laptop, desktop, tablet can seem like a bargain, but then adding RAM or hard drive can wipe-out any savings.  For some electronics, you may not be able to upgrade and will be left having to buy a new device. For software and applications, sometimes a low or free entry cost means that you have a great deal of customization that cannot be saved when upgrading to a new version or migrating to a new platform.  In many cases, it is hard to know that you have chosen … [Read more...]

Make Life Easier with LAN Systems and Office 365

With the need for greater mobility, agility and better data management increasingly driving the dynamic workplace, SMBs today are learning to appreciate the benefits cloud computing can bring to their businesses.  Yet, some SMBs still struggle to understand exactly what cloud computing can do for them.  Enter Microsoft Office 365, an all-inclusive productivity solution that delivers familiar Office applications coupled with powerful enterprise class communications and collaboration capabilities in a cloud-based subscription service you can easily use. Give your business a productivity boost with the new Office  Today, you can acquire any of the Office 365 plans through LAN Systems, as a standalone solution or bundled with our award-winning IT Service, and no matter which you choose, you’ll still receive the same support and service you’ve come to expect from LAN Systems. Office … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office 365

Your complete Office in the Cloud - Microsoft Office 365 If you would like to have all the features of Exchange without having to maintain a server. Or if you want to keep your Office products upgraded without purchasing new software, Microsoft Office 365 is for you. Office 365 brings together the power of the Office products that you know with business class email (powered by Exchange Online), document sharing (powered by SharePoint Online), and instant messaging and video conferencing (powered by Lync Online). Anywhere, anytime access Office is now optimized to use across your devices - PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone – with touch-friendly features and still great with traditional keyboard and mouse. Sign in to Office to access the latest version of your documents and personal settings as they follow you across devices. Sync files to your devices using SkyDrive Pro for offline … [Read more...]

LAN Systems CEO Presents Cloud Computing Webinar for TAG

Norcross, Georgia, July 24, 2012 – Today, LAN Systems CEO Mary Hester presented a webinar on Cloud Computing for the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). The topic for the webinar was "Get Your Head into the Cloud: Cloud Computing for Today's Growing Business."  Mary Hester spoke about the computing models that make up Cloud Computing and how to use the Cloud for your business’ competitive advantage.  Attendees learned how the Cloud has evolved from advances in technology and how these advantages provide small businesses with enterprise-class applications and services. “What a great topic for business efficiency," said CEO Mary Hester.  “Whether you like to call it Cloud Computing or are searching for another name, the technology is here to stay. The Cloud provides businesses with the biggest competitive advantage boost in decades.” This was part of the TAG webinar series, … [Read more...]