Add a Tweetmeme Retweet Button to Your WordPress Post

Add a Tweetmeme retweet button to your WordPress postAdd a Tweetmeme retweet button to your WordPress postAdding a Tweetmeme retweet button is a smart idea.  It allows readers to easily retweet your blog post to their Twitter followers.  It is easy to add the button to your WordPress blog using the Shortcode API functions.

The button with 22 tweets / retweet is a static graphic example that shows a button ready to retweet. The button with 2 tweets / tweeted is a static graphic example that has been retweeted from that page.

To use the Tweetmeme retweet button, add the following to your post:

tweetmeme source=Your_Twitter_Account only_single=false

Be sure the statement is between square brackets [ ] so it will be read as a Shortcode.  Also insert the Twitter name that you want the retweet to reference.  It will show as @Your_Twitter_Account after the RT. Some instructions show as “Your_Twitter_Account” or ‘Your_Twitter_Account’ but the single or double quotes are redundant because the function expects a string. If that is confusing, just ignore because it’s not really important to getting your button displayed.

The expression “only_single=false” will make the retweet button show on your main blog page and each individual post.  If you leave this out, the retweet will only show on the individual post page.

You can add this statement on the Visual or HTML page.  Since it is a Shortcode API not HTML code, it will be visible on the Visual page but will not show on your post if the syntex is correct. Correct syntax is always important so make sure to cradle in the square brackets.

If you want to know more about Shortcode API, start with:  If you want to know more about functions is a good start.

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