Cyber Security for Employees

Start the year with a conversation on cyber security for employees.  Train your employees on the technology tools you employ and be sure they understand how the tools will protect and notify them of threats. Educate your employees on the latest threats and teach them how to be vigilant in the fight against cyber criminals. It is also important to have a clear reporting procedure so if an employee sees something suspicious, they have a way to report it quickly.  Below is a list of items to start the conversation on cyber security for employees. You can use as an employee checklist to be sure they understand the types of cyber threats that are most common. Cyber Security Awareness ◊  Look out for social engineering. Social engineering can begin with a phone call asking for information or telling you that your computer has been hacked. The hacker is looking to gain access to your … [Read more...]

Top IT Trends for 2017

For many years, we have been bringing you our Top IT Trends predicting the technology advances that will change our business and personal lives. Our Top IT Trends for 2017 have an emphasis on how human beings will interact with technology for efficiency and safety. Technology advances can only go so far in making us safer and more productive in our daily lives. Much of the progress comes in the way we interact with technology to make it better serve its human master.   Cyber Security – Today, your cyber security depends more on you and your employees. Of course, you need the standard tools like anti-virus, malware protections, content-filtering, encryptions and a strong firewall, but these tools cannot protect you from threats designed to trick your users into opening the door for the attackers. Informing, training and supporting users is essential to a comprehensive cyber … [Read more...]

Microsoft Azure for Nonprofits – $5000 in Yearly Credits

Azure for Nonprofits - This Changes Everything! Don’t miss out on the $5000 per year credit from Microsoft Cloud. If you have been waiting to make your IT system align to better support your mission, today is the day. For data backup, disaster recovery, mobile options or a server upgrade, Microsoft’s Cloud is your solution. And for many organizations, it will be free through the Microsoft donation program. Microsoft has announced its Azure for Nonprofits program that provides $5000 in annual Cloud credits to qualifying organizations. This generous donation will allow you to implement the most modern of Cloud solutions often with no additional subscription cost to your mission. Azure offers an integrated suite of cloud services – analytics, computing, web and mobile apps, networking, storage, and more – to empower your nonprofit organization to achieve more – more insight, more … [Read more...]

No. 1 Small Employer: LAN Systems

Allison Shirreffs, Contributing Writer for the Atlanta Business Chronicle According to a Pew Research Center study, in 2015 millennials became the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, and they brought with them a new perception of office life. Mary Hester, CEO of LAN Systems, a full service IT services provider, has a millennial-heavy workforce and thinks LAN Systems’ flat organizational structure and her management style fit well with the needs of a younger workforce. “If they need me, I’m here. I’m a macromanager,” said Hester. “I treat them very much as equals. I treat them as the passionate, engaged, concerned individuals that they are.” She’s open to their feedback and doesn’t boss them around. “The pecking order has disappeared. I just have a lot more experience,” she added with a laugh. “It’s my job to keep them challenged and learning and growing.” In some … [Read more...]