DNSChanger – The Apocalyptic Computer Virus

The day they turned off the safety net servers for victims of DNSChanger came and went with little incident. For months, the FBI and computer professionals had been warning that infected computers would lose their Internet connection if the virus was not removed. All that warning paid off as no one complained that they had been affected but then they may all be disconnected from the Internet. Not to make light of a very serious situation, but this was reminiscent of the Year 2000 or Y2K computer scare.  So many reported that computer systems around the world would lock up or do worse by sending random commands that would disrupt financial, power and emergency systems everywhere.  The basic problem was that older programs did not leave enough space for a four-digit year like 2012.  For years, programs had been using two-digits like 95 for 1995.  You can see how this would cause … [Read more...]

LAN Systems CEO Interview for The “Better You” Project

Norcross, GA, August 8, 2012 – Today, LAN Systems CEO Mary Hester was interviewed by Eric Holtzclaw and Susan McMullen for The “Better You” Project, which airs at 1pm on A2Zen.fm. Tired of hearing superficial news about the rich and famous, Susan McMullen and Eric Holtzclaw wanted something that highlights the accomplishments of ordinary people, who are quietly accomplishing great things in their everyday lives. This led them to start The “Better You” Project, which highlights an individual each week to celebrate their accomplishments. This week, Susan and Eric interview Mary Hester, CEO of LAN Systems. Mary brings extensive experience managing a support and service group renowned for its “Best in the Industry” rating and standards.  She is an expert in customer loyalty and retention.  She has designed and delivered numerous training courses and workshops on a variety of topics, … [Read more...]

LAN Systems CEO Presents Cloud Computing Webinar for TAG

Norcross, Georgia, July 24, 2012 – Today, LAN Systems CEO Mary Hester presented a webinar on Cloud Computing for the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). The topic for the webinar was "Get Your Head into the Cloud: Cloud Computing for Today's Growing Business."  Mary Hester spoke about the computing models that make up Cloud Computing and how to use the Cloud for your business’ competitive advantage.  Attendees learned how the Cloud has evolved from advances in technology and how these advantages provide small businesses with enterprise-class applications and services. “What a great topic for business efficiency," said CEO Mary Hester.  “Whether you like to call it Cloud Computing or are searching for another name, the technology is here to stay. The Cloud provides businesses with the biggest competitive advantage boost in decades.” This was part of the TAG webinar series, … [Read more...]

Fighting the Temptation to Draft Your Own Business Contracts

How Using a Form Contract Can End Up Costing Your Business More By guest blogger Karen R. Cashion Otherwise savvy businesses often draft their own business contracts. And now, with the easy availability of free and low cost contract templates on the Internet, many businesses are succumbing to the temptation of downloading form contracts that they customize themselves, rather than turning to an attorney for advice and drafting. Using a form contract may appear to be an up-front cost savings for your company. But retaining a lawyer to draft your company's business contracts on the front end is a smart risk management strategy that can potentially save your company tens of thousands of dollars later. Whether your business sells products or professional services, you've developed your particular niche expertise that you apply to successfully running your business. And while you wear … [Read more...]