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Cyber Security for Employees – Phishing

Phishing . . . any number of scams that want to hook you and steal from you Phishing can be an email, IM, phone call or website that tricks you into doing something that gives up your personal information or grants access to your computer. As you can imagine, the name comes from fishing. You bait a hook and see what you get. It is not surprising that so many people are taken in by phishing scams. The scams are quite plentiful and the bait looks like the real thing. Phishing is the number one way of delivering ransomware. And with Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) on the rise, you must protect yourself. In this article, we look at the most common phishing attempts, how to spot them and avoid being a victim. Remember, just like learning anything, it takes practice to spot phishing and other online scams. Keep your eyes open and be vigilant. Phishing emails with malware They are so cleaver. … [Read more...]

Cyber Security for Employees – Spoofing

Spoofing . . . Masquerading as someone or something else Spoofing is pretending to be someone or something to obscure your real identity. It could be a website, email address, Caller ID or credit card number that is being duplicated. Spoofing isn’t all bad and there are circumstances where it is a legitimate technique. For instance, if you have a tele-marketer call on your behalf, they may spoof your number so your information is displayed on Caller ID. In the early days of the Internet, email spoofing was often used especially for system-to-system communications. The basic mail protocols that we continue to use today are open and easy to spoof. That’s why you should take a closer look. Phone number spoofing Spoofing a phone number can be done for legitimate or diabolical reasons. With the availability of Caller ID technology came the ability to fool the system. Tele-marketers will … [Read more...]

Cyber Security for Employees – Persuasion

Technology may be the first line of defense . . . but technology alone cannot keep us safe. Technology solutions like anti-spam, anti-virus and malware protection catch the majority of threats, but when there are millions of threats every minute some are going to make it to your inbox. That’s why you and your skepticism are absolutely vital in the ongoing battle against cybercrime. When our defenses are up, we are good at spotting a scam, but when we get fooled it usually falls into one of seven principles. Although these hustle principles are rooted in the real world, they work in cyber-space as well.   The principles* Distraction principle. While you are distracted by what retains your interest, hustlers can do anything to you and you won't notice. Social Compliance principle. Society trains people not to question authority. Hustlers exploit this “suspension of … [Read more...]

Cyber Security for Employees

Start the year with a conversation on cyber security for employees.  Train your employees on the technology tools you employ and be sure they understand how the tools will protect and notify them of threats. Educate your employees on the latest threats and teach them how to be vigilant in the fight against cyber criminals. It is also important to have a clear reporting procedure so if an employee sees something suspicious, they have a way to report it quickly.  Below is a list of items to start the conversation on cyber security for employees. You can use as an employee checklist to be sure they understand the types of cyber threats that are most common. Cyber Security Awareness ◊  Look out for social engineering. Social engineering can begin with a phone call asking for information or telling you that your computer has been hacked. The hacker is looking to gain access to your … [Read more...]

Top IT Trends for 2017

For many years, we have been bringing you our Top IT Trends predicting the technology advances that will change our business and personal lives. Our Top IT Trends for 2017 have an emphasis on how human beings will interact with technology for efficiency and safety. Technology advances can only go so far in making us safer and more productive in our daily lives. Much of the progress comes in the way we interact with technology to make it better serve its human master.   Cyber Security – Today, your cyber security depends more on you and your employees. Of course, you need the standard tools like anti-virus, malware protections, content-filtering, encryptions and a strong firewall, but these tools cannot protect you from threats designed to trick your users into opening the door for the attackers. Informing, training and supporting users is essential to a comprehensive cyber … [Read more...]