Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

As the market determines how social media will ultimately impact businesses, you should be positioning your company to take advantage of this new wave of advertising.  Depending upon your marketing strategy, you may decide to just test the waters or jump in with both feet.  Either way, develop a marketing plan for your social media endeavors.  Be sure that you have a policy for anyone (even the owner) that participates in online conversation.  Remember, you want to promote a positive corporate image and attract high quality customers and employees. At our seminars on social media, we present an overview of how to get started in social media.  We concentrate on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogging as these are popular, fast-growth platforms that look like they are here to stay. Social media takes time.  Beginners spend approximately 2 hours a week.  After a few months, … [Read more...]

Using Newsletters to Reach Customers

Keeping in touch with customers is more than sending sales offers.  Good correspondence should include items that are of interest and benefit.  Be sure that the format is pleasing to your readers. Often less is more. Don’t clutter your newsletter with ads or marketing material.  Spend time to optimize your content and format so you get more readers that look forward to each issue. Choose a format Format is a personal choice, but be sure that you choose a format that is pleasing to your readers.  Depending on your industry and customer base, you may have long or short articles. There are many ways to test format, but be sure to test and modify.  You can test with a select group of customers or you could create several formats and see which one works the best.  Both of those strategies take time.  At a minimum, track the opens and clicks from each issue of your online newsletter. If … [Read more...]

What do Confucious, Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump have in common…

… they are quoted hundreds of times a day on Twitter. For the record, I like a motivational quote as much as then next gal.  The targeted quote used to introduce an article or chapter can be informational and inspirational, but thousands of quotes a day on Twitter are just Internet fodder. Successful social media aficionados have to post and tweet many times a day even if they have nothing of consequence to say.  Right?   No. You can reach your desired audience with interesting and beneficial information while maintaining your decorum.  Got to use a quote here – “Less is more” Robert Browning Etiquette in the virtual space has the same rules as in the physical space.  You would never spam someone at a dinner party and if you did, you wouldn’t be invited again.  Before jumping into your sales pitch, you’d take time to get to know the person and establish rapport. Before sending … [Read more...]

Girl Scout Engineers!

LAN Systems helped sponsor a Girl Scout event yesterday at Southern Polytechnic State University introducing the girls to engineering as a career. Although the number of women in engineering is growing, the growth has been modest compared to other careers. That’s because even though girls have the smarts, if they don’t take the required math and science in high school, engineering school is a far reach.  As a group, girls get less math and science training.  That’s where we help. Through programs like Girl Scout Engineers, women engineers show girls that math and science is fun and challenging.  The girls always amaze us with their brilliance and their technical ability.  Studies tell us that unless we reach girls by the 5th or 6th grade, they probably won’t get the courses needed in high school. That’s why the Girl Scout program is so important. The activities included building a … [Read more...]

LAN Systems BBB Ad on Youtube

Video by the BBB with LAN Systems featured. … [Read more...]