Medical Case Study

Growing dermatology practice redesigns IT network for efficiency and remote access

Dermatology Associates of GeorgiaDermatology Associates of Georgia is a growing practice with offices throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. They provide a full range of medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services in a pleasant, welcoming environment.


Business Needs

Dermatology Associates of Georgia (Derm) wanted to streamline their back office processes for billing, administration and insurance processing and move employees from their physical executive office to virtual offices.  Changes to the IT infrastructure would make it easier to manage computer systems and allow increased flexibility especially for Cloud Computing solutions.

Derm called on LAN Systems to design the network infrastructure needed to support the IT redesign and move employees to home offices.

LAN Systems has managed the Derm systems for several years and was familiar with all existing hardware, software and applications, as well as the requirements to upgrade. Moving to virtual offices required adding VPN remote access and configuring the network and server to adhere to HIPPA compliance regulations. LAN Systems coordinated installation of computers, printers, routers and VPNs. Additionally, LAN assisted in ensuring that each home office had high-speed Internet installed and configured to support the workflow and adhere to network and HIPPA security requirements.


The solution included preparing the on-premise network and computer system for secured remote access.  All virtual employees received a PC, multi-function printer and network equipment.

Virtual employees have real-time access to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and Practice Management (PM) system to complete billing and insurance filing. Employees collaborate with each other using Outlook tools. Both physical and virtual employees receive office and business updates to their inbox.

To ensure that employee productivity remained high after going virtual, each PC was installed with practice software, email and business applications.

Fax server functionality is included in all physical and virtual offices. Paperless faxing, scanning and document sharing is encouraged. Although most tasks are done electronically, a multi-function printer is available for incoming faxes, printing and copying.


Derm used the available tax incentives and credits for teleworking to upgrade infrastructure and prepare for the migration to paperless office.  LAN Systems assisted in coordinating schedules to meet installation dates needed to receive tax incentives.

Under the project, several desktops were upgraded to take full advantage of new features.  This allowed Derm to retire aging equipment and provide employees with the latest technology.

Elimination of office expenses like rent, utilities and office supplies is a benefit of the teleworking program. Virtual offices encourage electronic document management and a paperless environment. Collaboration and correspondence using electronic conversations and email has the added benefit of automatically recording conversations.

Derm has successfully transitioned to a teleworking environment.  By keeping home workers involved and providing a flexible work environment, they have been able to increase job satisfaction while improving worker efficiency and productivity.  

Dermatology Associates of Georgia

List of Software and Services

  • Microsoft Server 2003
  • Microsoft XP & Windows 7
  • Exchange Sever 2007
  • Terminal Server
  • Sybase Database Server
  • Practice Management
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Hosted Spam Filtering

List of Hardware

  • Server
  • Desktops
  • Network
  • Firewall / Router
  • Wireless Access
  • Multifunction Print/Scan/Fax