Mary Hester, CEO

Mary Hester - CEO | LAN Systems Atlanta IT Solutions

Mary Hester is the CEO of LAN Systems, which provides IT solutions in the Greater Metro Atlanta Area.  LAN Systems is dedicated to providing business technology that works for people.

As a computer systems expert, Mary works with many companies to get the highest efficiency from people and IT resources.  She brings extensive experience managing a support and service group renowned for its “Best in the Industry” rating and standards.  Mary is an expert in customer loyalty and retention.  She has designed and delivered numerous training courses and workshops on a variety of topics.

Understanding that service must be consistent and always meet the customer’s needs, Mary has developed an unique managed services model that provides personalized, high-quality services throughout the contract period.  LAN Systems delivers this program with engineers and computer experts to many industries.

Mary has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MBA from the University of Georgia at Athens. In addition to working with utilities on security and other topics, she is very active in the industry and serves on several committees that address security concerns for public utilities.

Mary volunteers for several not-for-profit organizations that promote engineering education and careers to young people. She is active in promoting engineering as a career to young women.  Mary serves on the Board of Utility Technology Associates, a not-for-profit dedicated to the advancement of education and training for electric power utilities which conducts the Southeastern Meter School and the Distribution Apparatus School.

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