LAN Systems Teaches Smart Grid and Network Security at 2010 Southeastern Distribution Apparatus School

Norcross, Georgia – September 30, 2010 – LAN Systems presented the topics of Smart Grid and Network Security at the 2010Southeastern Distribution Apparatus School.  Smart Grid topics and initiatives were the focus at this year’s school.

A Smart Grid primer class was taught by Chuck Newton of Newton-Evans Research Group and Mary Hester of LAN Systems. Topics included what utilities are currently doing to support the grid and a discussion of initiatives to incorporate the latest technology for electric utilities.  SCADA, communication, monitoring and database systems will all benefit from the increased priority and awareness of the importance of the power grid.

For years, utilities have implemented technologies that contribute to an autonomous grid. “The Intelligent or Smart Grid is not a new concept for electric utilities,” said LAN Systems CEO, Mary Hester. “Utilities have been working toward this goal for many years.  With the support of government and consumers, our dream of a smart, secure grid is closer than ever.”

In addition to the Smart Grid primer, a class on Network Security was taught by LAN Systems Senior Systems Engineer, Forrest Thompson. The course centered on protecting computer systems from outside attacks by securing the system and training users.  Threats like viruses and malware were discussed with specific examples. Forrest stressed practicing safe computing and offered tips on how to keep from falling victim to common attacks.

The utility industry recognizes the vastness of considerations that are part of Smart Grid. Schools and seminars, like the SE Distribution Apparatus School, provide a unique opportunity for utility professionals to learn about the latest technology and discuss the most relevant issues.

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