LAN Systems Teaches Computer Security at 2009 Southeastern Meter School

Norcross, Georgia – March 18, 2009 – LAN Systems, a leading Atlanta IT Consulting company, spoke on Computer and Network Security at the 2009 Southeastern Meter School held March 16-19 in Auburn, AL.  Increasing concern for the safety of the power grid compels utilities to continuously evaluate security for their facilities and systems.  “We would like to share our knowledge of security for SCADA systems with the AMI/AMR community because the systems have many parallels,” said LAN Systems CEO, Mary Hester. “Security standards similar to those for SCADA will certainly be part of future AMI/AMR regulations.”

In order to make the topics of general interest, LAN Systems included information on security problems that you will see on your home computer.  Attendees shared their experiences with computer problems from malware and we discussed tools to remove even insidious infections.

SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

AMI/AMR – Advanced Metering Infrastructure / Automatic Meter Reading

About Southeastern Meter School
The Southeastern Meter School & Conference is sponsored by the Southeastern Meter Technical Association (SMTA).  The school provides a forum for electric utility meter personnel to discuss metering practices, procedures, new technologies, and common problems with peers and representatives from industry.  The school is open to anyone interested and involved in these areas. For more information, visit:

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