LAN Systems Teaches Best Practices in SCADA Alarms at 2009 GEMC Meeting

Norcross, Georgia – October 22, 2009 – LAN Systems CEO Mary Hester presented SCADA Alarm Best Practices at the 2009 Georgia EMC Engineers Association Fall meeting at Callaway Gardens. Understanding how energy and distribution management systems integrate into Smart Grid initiatives is of increasing interest.  “SCADA systems provide real-time intelligence on the operational state of the grid,” said Ms. Hester. “Understanding and properly evaluating alarms is critical to the health of the power system.  Often SCADA systems provide the first indication there is a problem and acting on these early warnings is essential to the health of the Smart Grid.”

Engineering staff from EMCs throughout the state of Georgia participated in the three day meeting.  Topics included a wide range of  order to make the topics of general interest, LAN Systems included information on security problems that you will see on your home computer.  Attendees shared their experiences with computer problems from malware and we discussed tools to remove even insidious infections.

With the focus on the Smart Grid, it is crucial that utility personnel obtain information, education and application of initiatives that will drive the new electric grid.  Many utilities are working on projects that will increase reliability and promote time-of-use metering for customers.  Strategies are needed that combine new technology and operational efficiency that work for customers and power utilities.

About GEMC Engineers Association
The GEMC Engineers Association support the Georgia EMCs and their technical personnel.  They host two annual meetings that promote the exchange of ideas for engineering and operations staff.

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