LAN Systems Presents Social Media in Lunch and Learn Series

Norcross, November 5, 2009 – Today, LAN Systems presented Making Social Media Work for Your Business in its Lunch & Learn educational series. The seminar was designed to explain the social media revolution and the options for businesses. Along with several partners, including Yepser, Marketing Master Group and Print Green USA, LAN Systems presented information on how to get started and use social media platforms to promote business.

Focusing on efficiently using social media as a marketing strategy, reaching potential and existing customers with relevant content was discussed.  “All businesses, whether product, service or a combination, have to attract and retain high quality customers and employees,” said CEO Mary Hester.  “Social media allows you to reach a wide audience and add personality to your corporate message at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns.”

Topics included the four pillars of social media, getting started on Twitter, a case study and an expert panel discussion. Emphasis was placed on the most used and most effective types of social media and the tools needed to minimize administration of each platform.  Often, getting started and understanding the time investment is the most difficult part.  Several discussions on how to begin a social media campaign were included and the panel discussion gave attendees a chance to have their specific questions addressed.

“It was an excellent exchange of ideas between our audience and expert presenters,” said Liz Hansen, Senior Account Executive. “We made social media understandable and confirmed its importance.  Everyone learned something of value.  We received so many requests to continue the discussion that we are planning another session that will take us to the next level for developing a social media strategy.”

LAN Systems started a LinkedIn group, Social Media Strategies for Business, where the discussion can continue.  The group is devoted to helping businesses understand and use social media for positive impact.

The Social Media Lunch & Learn was hosted by Microsoft Corporation at the Southeast District campus in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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