LAN Systems Conducts Social Media Workshop

Norcross, Georgia – June 9, 2010 – Today, LAN Systems, a leading Atlanta Computer Support company, conducted a Social Media Workshop at the Microsoft Center in Alpharetta, Georgia.  The workshop is designed for those that want to increase their company reach and promote their products and services using Social Media.  This series is part of the ongoing educational offerings from LAN Systems on topics of business interest.

Attendees were taught how to create and update social media platforms used to promote business. The most used platforms and tools to aid in getting the most from your social media investment were discussed.

Social media allows businesses of all sizes to reach a wide audience and add personality to the corporate message at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns. But companies have to be watchful of the results of their social media presence.

“Strategy is the foundation of any social media initiative,” said CEO Mary Hester. “Develop social media marketing goals and policy early to be sure that your corporate personality is safeguarded. Be sure you deliver the right message through your social media initiatives.”

Topics included LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Emphasis was placed on the most used and most effective types of social media and the strategy needed to run a successful social media campaign.  Often, getting started and understanding the time investment is the most difficult part.  Attendees were taught how to begin a social media campaign and each had the opportunity to have their individual needs addressed.

“This workshop grew out of the requests of our attendees to delve deeper into social media,” said Liz Hansen, Senior Account Executive.  “Everyone realizes how important social media is for businesses today and this workshop gave experience with the tools necessary to run a successful campaign. Everyone had the opportunity to enhance their social media presence.  We had such good feedback that we are planning another workshop.”

LAN Systems has a LinkedIn group, Social Media Strategies for Business, where the discussion can continue.  The group is devoted to helping businesses understand and use social media for positive impact.

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