LAN Systems CEO Leads Discussion for Georgia DTAG

Norcross, GA, April 4, 2012 – Today, CEO Mary Hester of LAN Systems, a leading Atlanta Computer Support company, facilitated the SCADA and Smart Grid discussion at the Georgia Distribution and Transmission Automation Group (DTAG) conference at The Electric Cooperative Training Center in Forsyth, Georgia.

Topics included what utilities are currently doing to support the grid and a discussion of initiatives to incorporate the latest technology for electric utilities.  SCADA, communication, monitoring and database systems will all benefit from the increased priority and awareness of the importance of the power grid.  For years, utilities have implemented technologies that contribute to an autonomous grid. “The Intelligent or Smart Grid is not a new concept for electric utilities,” said LAN Systems CEO, Mary Hester. “Utilities have been working toward this goal for many years.  With the support of government and consumers, our dream of a smart, secure grid is closer than ever.”

The group supports automation, SCADA and technical initiatives for Georgia’s power utilities.  The meeting offers an opportunity for electric utility personnel to view and learn about SCADA related products, keep up to date on issues and current events related to SCADA, interact with peers as well as receive detailed training specific to the equipment and software that is available to them.

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