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Disaster Recovery Plans don’t have to be complicated

The hardest part of a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery plan is getting started. The task can seem overwhelming because there are so many details in so many places. But don’t let the complexity stop you. Even if you can’t put together the entire disaster recovery plan at one sitting, tackle the largest risks. Start with manageable questions: Who should I contact in case of a disaster? Have contact information for key vendors, insurance contacts and key clients. Do my employees know how to contact me and each other? Keep a list of employees with mobile numbers. Do I have a contingency plan for working remotely? Cloud solutions are easily implemented for remote work, communication and presence management. Can I access my important company data? Data can be made available in the cloud with different levels of security. Can I rebuild my … [Read more...]

Modernizing the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

Arguably, maintaining a good backup of computer data is the most important task of the system administrator. In the early days of business computers, we made sure to label, rotate and verify tapes so that if the worst happened, we could restore from tape and be up and running quickly. It was suggested to have a tape for each day and store in a fire-proof vault preferably offsite. This is where I first heard the rules of the 3-2-1 backup strategy. A backup strategy has to be robust enough to recover from disaster, but simple enough to give a reliable archive. It is easy to discuss the choices with computer professionals because we understand the technology, but the opinions on how to execute a backup plan are as numerous as the number of experts that you ask. The perfect backup plan is one that is executable and verifiable. The 3-2-1 plan offers an easy to explain, easy to assemble … [Read more...]