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Desktop Publishing With Free Templates

If you struggle with where to start when designing business documents, take a look at the free standard templates offered by Microsoft. You just need Microsoft Office and a good quality color printer to easily publish your own marketing materials for any event. For those on a tight budget, just add your text and ready-made templates will give you a final product. Also, you can test different marketing strategies by changing layout, color, graphics and message. Even if you use a professional printer, you can start with a template to prepare a draft or conceptual piece that can be finished by your graphic designer. Most of the templates have impressive graphics and professional quality photos that give a polished look to your marketing materials.  You can edit or replace graphics to customize and add your logo for branding. Microsoft Office offers bundled tools with its Office 2010 … [Read more...]

LAN Systems and Microsoft “Kinect” the Forsyth County Public Library with an Xbox

LAN Systems and Microsoft have connected the Forsyth County Public Library with an Xbox Kinect and games for their summer program. At a recent Cumming-Forsyth Chamber of Commerce event, Library Director, Jon McDaniel, was the recipient of an Xbox provided by LAN Systems through the Microsoft Community Event program.  Jon saw value in using the Xbox for the library’s summer program so LAN Systems and Microsoft teamed up to donate numerous games for all ages.  The Xbox will travel between the three FCPL locations and will be used for a special summer program. With the Xbox Kinect, the player is the controller.  With a motion sensor, facial and voice recognition built into the unit, there are no remote controls or joysticks needed for play. With this mobility, it will be easy for the library to offer the educational fun to each of its locations.  And with the wide selection of games, … [Read more...]

Does your computer need a backdoor?

Even the most experienced system administrator will occasionally forget their password or get locked out of the system. It is not uncommon for admin or super users to create a backdoor so that they can quickly access the system without a password reset. Computer equipment manufacturers and vendors also quietly implement this backdoor method, but backdoors have consequences on system security that may leave you at risk. Whether you call it a backdoor, trapdoor or Trojan horse, these methods should be known to only a trusted few.  When equipment vendors put something in place so that they can gain system access, especially when they make it permanent, they will be criticized for sacrificing security for convenience. On any system, security and convenience have an inverse relationship.  The more secure a system, the harder to access.  The more accessible, the lower the security. … [Read more...]

Religion Versus Porn

The Internet is a dangerous place.  It is the Wild, Wild West and there ain't no sheriff in town.  Many ponder on why people create malware, viruses and malicious code. To make money, to get a thrill? Perhaps it helps to know why if you are fighting these types of criminals, but for the general Internet user you just have to protect yourself. For years, I have said that religious sites have the highest risk of malware. A recent study by Symantec has confirmed my suspicion and in fact, religious sites have more malware threats than porn sites because they get hacked much more often. This makes perfect sense if you think about it.  In most cases, religious sites are more likely to be administered by non-professionals with the intent of getting their message out to devotees.  Porn sites are run by professionals with the intent of making money and they don’t want anyone cutting in on … [Read more...]