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Are you infected? DNSChanger Overview

Malware is a constant source of anxiety to any computer user. Not only can it slow down your computer, but it can fool you into giving away personal data or purchasing phony products with your credit card. Most computer users are non-technical consumers.  There is nothing wrong with that as computers are a great tool in the modern world. This is similar to how we are all electricity consumers.  We use power but don’t worry about the details of how power is generated and distributed.  We just know that it works and leave the details to the experts.  Since electricity is so dangerous, there are mandatory safeguards that have to be followed. Much like power utilities, regulated industries like financial and medical are required to safeguard your data or be fined severely.  Personally, you don’t have to protect your computer, but if you don’t hackers and identity thieves can ruin your … [Read more...]

Our Green IT Earth Day Event Collected 3131 Pounds of E-waste

Last week, we hosted a Green IT Earth Day event at our offices.  The event was in celebration of Earth Day and we partnered with Premier Surplus of Cumming to collect e-waste for recycling. We grilled hotdogs and brats. Everyone who brought something to recycle received a green, reusable, insulated grocery tote. For the final count, we collected 3,131 pounds of e-waste. That’s a ton and a half kept out of landfills and all proceeds will go to the Norcross Cluster School Partnership.  It was a great time and so successful that we are doing another recycle event on July 2nd during our annual 4th of July Cookout . Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural environment. Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year. … [Read more...]

Rock Your Job Search

A community program presented by Leadership North Fulton. Learn how to target your dream job by accentuating your strengths and skills.  Recharge your resume and conduct a focused job search, whether this is your first job, you are re-entering the work force or reinventing your career. Wednesday, May 23rd 11-2 Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce 11605 Haynes Bridge Road, Ste. 100 Alpharetta, Georgia 30009 Agenda 11-12  Presentation on how to create the perfect resume using accomplishment statements, proper format and Summaries of Qualifications 12-2    Individual sessions with business experts to consult with you on how to Rock Your Job Search Attendance is free. RSVP is recommended.  (770) 821-6960 … [Read more...]

Green IT Initiatives – Power Saving

Here are two easy ways to save power on your desktop PC by enabling energy saving settings: The first is to turn off the monitor after a period of inactivity.  Choose a time in minutes that will turn off the display. You can easily bring the monitor back to life by keyboard input or moving the mouse.  Screen savers were originally used to prevent burn in on CRTs but quickly grew in popularity as a way to personalize the computer experience.  LCD displays use a different technology and are not afflicted with burn in of static images.  LCDs can display a ghostly image called image persistence, but it usually takes care of itself.  To save power, turn off the monitor.  Screen savers can be cool and entertaining, but they don’t give you power savings. The second is to set the Sleep and Hibernation in the Power Options.  Sleep allows you to quickly get back to full power and resume … [Read more...]

Green IT Initiatives – Monitors

If you need a new monitor, you'll probably choose a flat screen (LCD) monitor.  LCD monitors use less energy than the television style (CRT) monitors about 30-50% less which will give you a few dollars savings each year per monitor.  When you look at the total carbon footprint calculations, you can realize a bit more savings, but it is complicated.  Some use square feet of table/desk space as an economic evaluation factor.  Since CRTs take up more space than LCDs for similar sized displays, you can realize square foot savings which is often considerably more than the energy savings. Carbon footprint and space utilization may or may not be part of your analysis Here are a few things you may not have thought about.  You have to take into account the  the cost of a new monitor, the cost to acquire (driving or shipping) and the impact on the environment both for manufacturing the new LCD … [Read more...]