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Volunteers needed for a Girl Scout CSI Event on Saturday, May 5th

Volunteers Needed! Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Mother/Daughter CSI Event   Description: Put your mystery solving skills to work! Join fellow Girl Scouts and their moms as they work together to solve the Case of the Lost Skull. Outside the school, person or persons unknown have left an animal skull stuffed with cash! Next to it, shoe print and other traces of their passing are scattered around the area... Who could have left it there? This exciting activity will allow mothers and daughters to combine forces and skills to solve this fun mystery. This mystery event will take place at the University of Phoenix – Gwinnett campus. Activity Stations managed by volunteers: Fingerprinting (learning about fingerprinting, taking their fingerprints and examining them, then examining fingerprints found at the crime scene and comparing them to suspect fingerprints) Skull Analysis … [Read more...]