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What do Confucious, Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump have in common…

… they are quoted hundreds of times a day on Twitter. For the record, I like a motivational quote as much as then next gal.  The targeted quote used to introduce an article or chapter can be informational and inspirational, but thousands of quotes a day on Twitter are just Internet fodder. Successful social media aficionados have to post and tweet many times a day even if they have nothing of consequence to say.  Right?   No. You can reach your desired audience with interesting and beneficial information while maintaining your decorum.  Got to use a quote here – “Less is more” Robert Browning Etiquette in the virtual space has the same rules as in the physical space.  You would never spam someone at a dinner party and if you did, you wouldn’t be invited again.  Before jumping into your sales pitch, you’d take time to get to know the person and establish rapport. Before sending … [Read more...]

Girl Scout Engineers!

LAN Systems helped sponsor a Girl Scout event yesterday at Southern Polytechnic State University introducing the girls to engineering as a career. Although the number of women in engineering is growing, the growth has been modest compared to other careers. That’s because even though girls have the smarts, if they don’t take the required math and science in high school, engineering school is a far reach.  As a group, girls get less math and science training.  That’s where we help. Through programs like Girl Scout Engineers, women engineers show girls that math and science is fun and challenging.  The girls always amaze us with their brilliance and their technical ability.  Studies tell us that unless we reach girls by the 5th or 6th grade, they probably won’t get the courses needed in high school. That’s why the Girl Scout program is so important. The activities included building a … [Read more...]

LAN Systems BBB Ad on Youtube

Video by the BBB with LAN Systems featured. … [Read more...]

OMG IONO Wa UR Saying!

Every generation has its slang and every industry its acronyms.  Most of these abbreviations are just alphabet soup to outsiders.  But if you are going to join an industry or snoop on your teenagers, you have to learn the lingo. There are many abbreviations that have multiple meanings.  Take GIS – I learned it as Gas Insulated Substation.  The first time I heard GIS used as meaning Geographic Information System, it was in the context of “we need to update the GIS with the latest maps.”  It didn’t make any sense at all.  At the risk of embarrassing myself and sounding stupid, I asked what does GIS mean? You’d have thought I had two heads.  After that I made a policy that acronyms have to be defined before they are used. I compiled a list of acronyms for our industry and put them in a manual and later and eBook. Not many people want to know what SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data … [Read more...]

Wait! Before you send that email…

… go visit your customer or pick up the phone or look over the cubicle to see if anyone’s home. In this fast-paced, digital, virtual world, we often opt for the electronic message and the virtual experience. There are many amusing stories like the students that text message as they walk past each other at school; parents that are amazed their offspring will answer a text message, but not a phone call; and musing over the abundance of tweets about the cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the risk of seeming to be “way back in the 90’s,” opt for the personal interaction and show someone that you really care.  There is nothing like a happy voice or a smiling face to make us feel human. Time for full disclosure, I read and send many emails – too many emails. I text a little and tweet, but I do enjoy talking on the phone and face-to-face conversations.  Most people do. Being … [Read more...]